ANPA School of Computing News

ANPA would like to congratulate Shree, Shovit, Ghanashyam, Dibakar, and Rajkumar (Oat) for the successful completion of Quantum Computing summer school in Qiskit organized by IBM. With current Fall Quantum computing classes going on, we are looking forward to hearing more success stories in the upcoming future.

ANPA would also like to congratulate Dibakar for being chosen as advocated for quantum computing using qiskit by IBM.

ANPA wants to congratulate our members, Dibakar Sigdel, Shree Krishna Bhattarai, Kamal Dhakal, Shovit Bhari, Ghanashyam Khanal, Chandra Mouli Adhikari, Aman Ganeju, Sunita Humagain, and  Dinesh Bista, who have participated and passed IBM Quantum Challenge, 2020. 

ANPA has already conducted Winter School in Machine Learning and Quantum Computing in Jan 2020 ( Our recorded lectures are available on youtube ( 

Our scientific computing team is always vibrant and conducting a weekly discussion on a variety of topics (e.g., Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, and Quantum Computing). It is your turn to join ANPA ( and participate in our activities! #IBMQuantumChallenge2020, #ANPA_QC