ANPA Monthly Talk Series: Dr. Kapil Adhikari

Doing science in Nepal is a daunting task if one takes science as a methodological concept rather than as mere instrumental endeavor. With promulgation of a number of policies that are directly related to the science and technology by Federal and State Government of Nepal, there has been possibilities of expanding science outside the hegemonic center. However too much emphasis on instrumental aspect of science is undermining the culture of research and real innovations. Physics Research Initiatives (PRI) Pokhara promotes science culture in Nepal among the science practitioners. PRI has envisioned to establish a physics research center in Pokhara in the model similar to other successful research centers around the world, such as ”Aspen center for Physics”. The primary goal of the initiative is to engage science students in research and establish a sense of research culture. In addition, it also aims to engage society in general in the science literacy. The secondary aim includes but not limited to , scientific-tourism, science advocacy, science diplomacy etc. The talk will focus on sharing experiences and exploring the possibilities and challenges of doing physics in Nepal, specially outside Kathmandu. The experience of PRI working as a science consultant at various committees in drafting science policies at the provincial level will also be discussed. This talk will also include some of the undergoing projects in PRI for possible collaboration with other research groups around the globe.