Mr. Mahendra DC, Topoligical Spintronics

ANPA Monthly Colloquium Series
We are very happy to announce start of monthly colloquium series. Our first speaker will be Mr. Mahendra D.C. from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
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Topological Spintronics
Mahendra DC
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Topological insulators are of great interest because of their ability to convert charge-to-spin and vice versa efficiently. Topological insulators were usually grown on a single crystal susbtrate by molecular beam epitaxy. Recently, we are able to grow by sputtering technique on a silicon substrate. Our results demonstrate that the sputtered bismuth selenide can convert charge-to-spin and vice versa much more efficiently than the crystalline bismuth selenide. Quantum transport numerical simulations reveal that the quantum confinement effect present in the sputtered granular bismuth selenide is the reason for high charge-to-spin conversion. For the practical applications this high charge-to-spin conversion material can be used in the spin-orbit torque magnetoresistive random access memory and magnetoelectric spin-orbit logic as spin channel. Reference : Nature Materials 17, 800 (2018) 
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