ANPA Hosts Mahabir Pun

It was our privilege to host a talk by a Raman Magsaysay award-winner of 2007, Mahabir Pun. He has been nationally recognized for his attempt on uplifting impoverished villages with information technology, inspiring Nepali youths, and other several humanitarian works. Lately, he is deeply involved in National Innovation Center (NIC), a non-profit, which he established in 2012 with a long-term goal to make Nepal a developed country through the route of science and technology.

During this presentation, he talked about current activities on-going in NIC, highlighted the important updates and future projects, and also talked about some concept papers that were submitted to NIC and currently are being funded by NIC. He further emphasized his talk on the possible future project in collaboration between ANPA and NIC and the development of an innovative culture in Nepal for the economic growth of the country. Our members were very enthusiastic about the progress of NIC and we are happy to assist NIC in the future in terms of project viability study. Overall, the presentation focused on the past, present, and future of NIC. The full presentation can be found in the link below.

If you have any curiosities regarding the work of NIC, you can direct it to Mahabir Pun (Email:, Cell Phone (Nepal): 9841592361).

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