Election Result

Dear ANPA Members,
Dr. Ghanashyam Khanal has volunteered to withdraw his nomination and committed to help to be formed ANPA Executive Committee. Dr. Khanal wrote "Because of the current situation, I am withdrawing my self-nomination for the post of general committee member of ANPA. However, my full support and my availability for any future endeavors will always be there. I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my best wishes for the elected officials".

With this, it is our great pleasure to announce the very first ANPA Executive Committee:

President:         Dr. Shree Krishna Bhattarai shree.bhattarai@gmail.com 
Vice-President: Dr. Jagannath Devkota jagan.devkota@gmail.com
Secretary:         Dr. CR Bhatt                  crb615@gmail.com
Treasurer:         Dr. Santosh KC                  skc.santosh@yahoo.com
Member:           Dr. Dibakar Sigdel          sigdeldkr@gmail.com
Member:           Dr. Hari Paudel                  hpddel@yahoo.com
Member:           Mr. Lokendra Khanal          khan7833@vandals.uidaho.edu
Member:           Dr. Nabin Malakar          nabinkm@gmail.com
Member:           Dr. Nagendra Dhakal           nagendradh@gmail.com

We extend our congratulations and best wishes to the newly formed Executive Committee. May they be guided by the motivation to gather all the physicists of Nepali heritage around the globe and lead our organization into a prosperous future. 
Thank you all for your support. 


For ANPA Election committee
Mahesh Ghimire, PhD

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