ANPA - Membership

ANPA Membership
Association of Nepali Physicists in America (ANPA) is an organization recently established by Nepali physicists in the US to connect and promote interaction among research enthusiasts of Nepali origin across the globe. With great pleasure, we would like to inform you that we have completed the registration process of Association of Nepali Physicists in America (ANPA), obtained a tax-exempt status, and are finally in the position to start the membership. We request you all to join the community and be its part to achieving the goals such as contributing to Physics education and research in Nepal and building a strong network among us to support each other’s professional development in the USA and abroad.
ANPA e-Conference
As the very first activity of the society, we are organizing an online conference (e-Conference) on July 21-22nd, 2018. We expect this event to be a monumental platform for our members to network and exchange research ideas. Your participation in the conference would be greatly appreciated. To know details of the conference and submit abstract, In the upcoming future, we are planning to run several events, including workshops on preparing research papers, building resume/CV, tips on job search, and on relevant topics of interest based on our members' attention. Stay tuned for these and many other activities!
How to donate?
ANPA is a non-profit organization,  operating on the membership fee and donations. Beside membership fee, you can choose to donate straight to ANPA.
We have applied for tax-exempt status and are yet to be approved. Thus we would not be able to provide a tax exempt form at this time.

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