Online Meeting Minutes-Jan 27-2018

Date: Jan 28, 2018

Dear all,

First, we would like to thank you all for the overwhelming participation during the conference call on the evening (8PM ET, Jan 27th, 2018). Although we started out few weeks ago with few people in Facebook Messenger group, we are already 130+ in this group. We had a huge participation in the conference call and received highly positive feedback from all participants. The main outcome of yesterday’s meeting was that all participants were driven by similar objectives which can be summarized as: develop network among us and collaborate for each others’ professional growth, and support for the growth of science and technology in Nepal. All participants agreed on the need of establishing an organization to achieve the above mentioned objectives. This meeting has energized us to move forward in establishing the organization. Below are the discussion summary of the conference call, some announcements, next conference date, and participants of the conference call (on Jan 27, 2018):

Summary of the discussion on Jan 27, 2018:
1) Name: ANPA.  

All agreed on the proposed name “Association of Nepali Physicists in America”, in short “ANPA”. There were suggestions to initiate the registration with this name.
Thank you all for this input – we will proceed the registration with this name.

2) Constitution:
(i) Include a broad spectrum of people from physics are eligible for membership.
(ii) Think about how to include people who are non-physicists in bylaws.
(iii) While preparing 501c(3) explore a mechanism so that sending money to Nepal will be easier.
(iv) Guidelines to keep the board free from politics.

3) Membership:
(i) Provide ID card for members
(ii) Try to make membership category, Students & Non-Students, life member etc.
(iii) Make various levels designation for donation (silver, gold, platinum etc)
(iv) Meet with colleagues at the APS March meeting and gather more ideas.

4) Membership drive
(i) Sustainability: Try to come out with minimum membership fee and include more people.
(ii) Try to determine statewide coordinator and go for membership drive
(iii) Use APS March meeting as one of the platform for membership drive as well

Ideas to implement upon formation of the Organization:
(i) Try to organize members only conference/interaction program with similar research background
(ii) Arrange guest lecture series
(iii) Collaborate and apply for grants
(iv) Create and maintain a spreadsheet with a database of the Nepalese physicists and their research field. Eventually, this will help in collaborating on personal touch basis.
(v) Form a common research platform (forum in webpage) for members
(vi) Form a committee that looks after financial transparency

Here are some announcements asking for volunteers. If you are interested in any of these groups, please send me a message on facebook with the group name you intend to join and I will get you added.

(i) “Purpose Group”: This group will be working on writing bylaws (constitution), determining process to register for tax exempt status, etc.
(ii) “Logo Group”: Designing logos for ANPA
(iii) “Website Group”: Designing website. People with experience in hosting dynamic website will be really appreciated.
(iv) Membership fee determination Committee: Will be a new group. Need volunteers here.
(v) Financial Transparency Observer Committee: We will start this once we start preparing to collect membership fees.
(vi) “Distribution of Resource” Group: Will be a new group. This group will work on determining and documenting a consistent way of awarding/donating collected funds to develop research in Nepal. Let’s get this started now.

Next Conference Call: Feb 17th @ 8 PM ET. One of the members from all formed group will be providing updates.

  • Shree Krishna Bhattarai, Ph.D. (Organizer) 
  • Jagannath Devkota, Ph.D. (Convener) 
  • Rudra Aryal, Ph.D. 
  • Rudra Kafle, Ph.D. 
  • Mukti Aryal, Ph.D. 
  • Pashupati Dahal, Ph.D. 
  • Santosh KC, Ph.D. 
  • Hari Paudel, Ph.D. 
  • Chooda Khanal, Ph.D. 
  • Bhoj Raj Gautam, Ph.D. 
  • Bhoj Gautam, Ph.D. 
  • Nabin Malakar, Ph.D. 
  • Ganesh Chand, Ph.D. 
  • Dipak Rimal, Ph.D. 
  • Kiran Shrestha, Ph.D. 
  • Yadav Pandit, Ph.D. 
  • Mahendra DC 
  • Uttam Pyakurel 
  • Gyanendra Bhattarai 
  • Kamal Jnawali 
  • Mohan Bhattarai 
  • CR Bhatta 
  • Prakash 
  • Maheshwor Ghimire 
  • Laxmi Pandey 
  • Dila Ram Kandel 


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